My First Encounter with Miscarriage!


A rainbow, the beauty that comes after a storm and a symbol of hope, is a description women lovingly use for their babies that are born after a miscarriage, still birth, or infant loss.

For women who have experienced a loss, conceiving a “rainbow baby” doesn’t make them forget the loss, take it away or diminish it, but it does give them hope for a new chance at motherhood.

The quote above was found on the internet and that was what I held on to dearly while trying for a baby back then – my last ounce of hope of having my own biological child. 10 years later, I finally embraced my rainbow baby after 2 miscarriages. The journey was not easy and finding solutions to the topic on miscarriage was even tougher.

It all started way back in 2004 when I first got married, with thoughts of starting my own business first before we tried for a child. 5 years later, we have seen a few gynaecologists for advice. We took medication and went on holiday trips, but nothing happened. We eventually embarked on the IUI journey and after the first failed attempt, started on the IVF journey. The fertility treatments affected us emotionally, physically and financially as they did not come cheap.

I conceived on the first IVF treatment, but our joy was short-lived when my water bag broke during my second trimester. I was rushed to A&E.

2 days later, I had an infection and was forced to deliver my first angel baby – Dominic Low, at 23 weeks of gestation. Born too premature, his lungs were under developed and passed away shortly.

Looking back, I wondered what went wrong. Were there any signs or symptoms that I overlooked? That was my first encounter with miscarriage and it was a terrible, raw and unchartered territory.

There were days that you just stared and dazed around, you seems to float along as time passed. Then there were days you felt competent enough to even work, strike a conversation as if nothing happened. All of sudden, you might just regress back and fall into your own misery pit again. You just drift around and changed from day to day.

It was during this time that I wrote my first book – To Baby With Love as well. Writing is a healing process if you like to write, even it means a paragraph or two or just a poem. As long as you put your thoughts into it and pen down something. It also helps to release some of your emotions and sadness. Most importantly, it is a free tool that you can write anytime and anywhere, especially at times when you have no one to confide to. For me, I took it further by kick-starting a 3 months project to complete and release my book in February 2012 – the estimated delivery date (EDD) of my angel baby. With that in mind, I kept my focus and worked through it.

It was not an easy journey but I knew I could not stay in this pit I was stuck in. Step by step, I encouraged myself and marched forward in life. That was how I helped myself to self heal, think positively and be a conqueror in life.

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Felicia Tan, speaker, blogger and author of To Baby With Love, Lost And Found and A Gift From Heaven draws her experience from 2 miscarriages and 1 rainbow baby, had a deep understanding of the issues faced by pregnant mothers, mothers who have lost their children and being a mother. In pursuit of her dreams, she left her job and started her own design company - Design Workz (, with an aim to have the flexibility of raising her children on her own. A personal blog - was created in 2007, with hopes to share about her motherhood journey when a baby comes along. Instead of publishing posts on parenting, she found herself sharing about her pregnancy journey - a series of IVF treatments and the loss of 3 angel babies. Wading through 10 years of heartaches, guilt and disappointments before she welcomed her son into the family was not an easy feat. Each day, she lived by clinging tightly to every ounce of hope that still dwelled in her heart. Today, she sees these setbacks as milestones that had to be overcome rather than roadblocks. Armed with a personal mission to help women who had miscarried find their sparkle back in life again, she decided to start Art of Life (AOL) ( - a platform where she shares her experiences and how she overcame them through a positive mindset. Her stories has led to feature on The Straits Times, Motherhood, Young Parents and more.